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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Stupid Tire.

So....the new car is all-wheel-drive.
The new car had brand new tires that have only been driven on for a couple of weeks.
Flatten one tire, and you have to find the exact same brand, shape, size, exact, exact, exact tire----or you have to buy 4 new tires. Why? Because apparently on an all wheel drive car, they all have to match with the same everything & the same wear & tear.

In the past, I've heard of replacing two & then the other two. Or replacing them all at the same time.

So, fine. We'll just find the same kind of the ONE tire & be done with it. Besides, the warranty will pay to replace the tire., apparently my new car came with some special, super-obscure, I've-never-even-heard-of-'em kind of tires. None of the Discount Tires near us stock them, but would be happy to order one for us. Sam's Club doesn't have them. Walmart doesn't have them. Nobody has them.
We found them on the internet & you buy online....and pay for shipping.
I've been shocked at some of the shipping costs I've had to pay with online purchases, and I cannot imagine what the shipping charges are for a tire.
Old Navy's $5 shipping rocks. They need to sell clothes & tires.

Stupid Tires.


At 10:20 AM , Blogger Jeninacide said...

Guhh! Yeah I haven't even gotten an estimate on having my car fixed after the yellow-paint INCIDENT.. Don't wanna know what THAT will cost. At least your rims are ok though, right? My tires are flush with my rims so I have already MASSACRED them against umm.. EVERY CURB IN PORTLAND!

#$&^%$@!*@ PARALLEL PARKING!!!

At 12:50 PM , Blogger gmcountrymama said...

So sorry you have been having such a rough time. Things are bound to turn around soon! Thinking of you and sending you happy good luck thoughts.

At 3:39 PM , Blogger Stephanie said...

Good luck finding it. Such a pain!

At 5:15 PM , Blogger Lainey-Paney said...



At 7:07 AM , Blogger Beth said...

Your run of bad luck continues...

At 8:04 PM , Blogger Ann(ie) said...

Stupid Tires is right. I recall tire shopping last winter. I hated every second of it and we didn't even have to get the super fancy kind!! My condolences girlie.


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