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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Product Review.... many of you know, we've dabbled in potty training, and we are getting ready to really buckle down & tackle the bad boy.

So far....I've got some diapering & pull up reviews.
Many of us who read each others blogs have kiddos. some of you have kiddos older than mine, some are younger than mine. So, maybe these experiences/reviews will help some of you.
AAAAND---if any of you seasoned parents have potty training tips for boys, feel free to share. I picked up a couple books @ Half Priced Books on the topic....but, quite frankly I have not read them yet.

Now onto the product reviews!

Pull Ups: Love 'em. By far, the best disposable training pants we've tried so far.

Pampers Easy Ups: They're okay. They lack the open/close feature on the sides that Pull Ups offer. That is a feature that really comes in handy when you have a moody toddler. So, that's one knock against the Easy Ups. BUT, the Easy Ups are very, that's good....

Diaper Doublers: I know I've mentioned these in the past. We get disposable diaper doubles at the Tom Thumb near us. They rock. $3 & some change for a pack of 30. That pack lasts us a month, b/c we only use the doublers at night. This little guy of ours---he pees A LOT at night. so, the diapers help him to sleep longer b/c of avoiding leaks. I think they rock.

Night-time Diapers.....
I'm a believer in night time diapers. What I've found about pull ups/disposable training pants at night even with a diaper doubler, is that they are less absorbent for the large volume of liquid. Oh, they are no match for Gage's nightly amount of urine. Anyway...we still do diapers at night with a doubler. And, I'm a big fan of the Huggies Night Time diapers (diapers, not training pants) with a doubler. Oh, the joys of not getting up at 4, changing a wet, tired, & mad baby....and stripping a crib in the dark. Thank you Huggies & Safeway/Tom Thumb brand diaper doublers!!!




At 7:06 AM , Blogger zirelda said...

Rach drove me nuts potty training. She'd do it for the day care lady but not for me.

Finally, one day she just started using the toliet. Kids are odd aren't they?

At 4:19 PM , Blogger Christy said...

I use the cheap safeway diapers during the day, but we always use Huggies Night Time diapers during the night. I couldn't live without them.

At 10:14 PM , Blogger Zephra said...

I just wanted to say that he is just now turning two and that is still pretty young for a boy so don't be too discouraged if it take a while. With my first, I pushed and pushed because my Mother said he should be potty trained by 18 months old. I regretted it so much. He rebelled and it was almost age 5 before he finally got it.

My daughter had some medical issues so I did not push her and I also didn't push Zain. He watched all the day care kids I had in the house and got it pretty quick.

Zakary...well, Let me just say that potty training is one of the hardest things about little ones. there is no right or wrong way and we get really stressed and invested in their poop and pee.

I would try with Zakary for a few days and then back off. This happened for several months. I bought the Once upon a potty book and Zakary truly loved this book. He would talk about Joshua and his potty all the time. I used Joshua as a motivator whenever i could. "Wow Zakary, Joshua would be proud of you if you made pee pee in the potty" or "can you make pee pee like Joshua did?" I could tell he really wanted too.

In the end i think it was that damn musical potty that did it. I sat it in the living room in front of the TV and he would pull his undies down every five minutes just playing and practicing. One day, i knew he had not peed in several hours and i could tell he had to go. I made him sit on the potty with me close by. He sat for a good 30 minutes reading and watching TV while i helped Sara with her homework next to him. All of a sudden the music went off and he looked at me in shock. We knew he had done it. he was so proud and said he was just like Joshua.

He spent the rest of the day sitting on the potty every five minutes trying to pee even if he didn't have to because he thought he was so cool. He just got it from that moment on and might have only had 3 or 4 accidents. Now I take him out in public in undies and don't even take extra clothes because the boy has a bladder of steel. Tonight was the first night he went to bed in undies and i feel pretty sure he will be fine.

So my advice, don't push it too much, get him some book about it to read, and don't worry. he will not be going to college in least I hope not.

BTW one last point from someone who has potty trained over 7 different children (most boys). If you are really serious and don't mind accidents, do away with the pull ups and diapers during the day. That really does make a difference. the night time thing sometimes take a while for them to master.

At 8:25 AM , Anonymous Tara said...

Please keep us posted about your potty training adventure! I need all the information I can get, even if I don't have to worry about it for another year or two.

I have never seen Huggies overnight diapers or diaper doublers. I wish I had though because River pees a ton at night too!


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