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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

What??? Out of the mouths of babes...

So...Gage is talking now....

And, I've found myself in a couple of situations where I just think, OMG! Why, oh why did you just say that??? I'm amused, but embarrassed.

Scene: Local gas station where I get coffee in the morning sometimes.
Gage is with me.
We enter...a man enters & comments that Gage is "big enough to have his own cup of coffee." We make small talk about my son (because, hello...he's so cute.)
Another man enters the store.
So, there's me, Gage, 2 male customers, and a male store employee.
We pay, we go to leave.
Gage turns around & waves, yelling "Bye DADDY!"
They all kind of look at each other.

So, Gage is calling random men "daddy." Great. And I thought to myself: "Self, this is a rather Britney moment. This must be what it feels like to be Britney Spears...only, without any of the money."
I truly pictured those men looking at each other trying to figure out which one was the daddy, and saying how sad it must be that the poor boy doesn't know who is daddy is.


So...then...8/8, we went to Northpark mall to walk around & watch the ducks & turtles. Gage is in his stroller, I'm pushing it...we JUST got through the doors, and there are no less than 20 people around us walking toward the exit.
Gage THROWS his arms out as wide as they will reach and yells, "I'M HOME!" yeah. Shop Much ????
You enter a mall with your child & he yells "I'm home!"....clearly we spend too much time at the mall.
Or, he's going to be an amazing fashionista some day.
On the bright side: with the latter, I can expect some amazing gifts from him when he's all grown up!



At 4:15 PM , Blogger Pokey Puppy said...

LMAO.. often through freds few years of existence i've though.... hm is he going to be gay??? one of which is his total and complete facination with womens shoes.... but i figure hey.. hes gonna be a famous shoe designer so i'll get tons of free shoes!

At 6:03 PM , Blogger Christy said...

Too funny. I bet those men were all confused!

At 6:29 PM , Blogger Bee said...

Funny, he did the same thing I do when I go to my local mall!
Too cute! :o)

At 7:57 PM , Blogger Gigi said...

omg...lmao....that would be my kids... I know when i get to the mall i through my arms open and say i'm home...okay well i'm usually in the coach outlet...but whatever...

i love when my 2 year old talks...his new phrase is oh man...he was squirting me with a squirt gun from the tub last night saying "oh man!!" you gotta love it!!

At 5:27 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hee hee...that's so cute.

At 5:53 AM , Blogger Misguided Mommy said...

this is hilarious. i would have died to be a fly on the wall in that place to see what all those men did. i bet there were a lot of uneasy laughs and grunts. man this is so funny

At 9:04 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG! I actually laughed out loud in my office! LMAO! People must think I'm nuts! I love these Gage moments....soooo Cute! Made my day to read this!

At 10:58 AM , Blogger Kate said...

That is so funny!

At 11:04 AM , Blogger shoeaddict said...

That is funny!! My godchild did that at that age, called random men "daddy".

At 11:08 AM , Blogger Em said...

i remember my friends boy doing that but i was actually a very badly groomed woman!

At 1:48 PM , Blogger Jeninacide said...

LOL- the bit about the mall just made me shoot organic cola out my nose!

Hahaha!! That's hilarious!

At 4:54 PM , Blogger Eva said...

He's so funny. :)

At 11:02 AM , Blogger Denver Dad said...

That's pretty funny. For a long time, Chunk used to call me "Momma," which caused me some strange looks as well. Strangely, most people didn't laugh when I explained that he was having trouble since the surgery. :)


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