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Monday, July 23, 2007

Double Strollers.

So....Gage will be about 2 1/2 when the new baby is born.

If I ever want to take the two out & about by myself, I am going to need a double stroller.


I mean, 2 1/2 years old...he is able to walk on his own...but what if he runs off, or throws a fit, or gets tired, etc. Surely, I'm going to need a double stroller.

So, here are my thoughts on what I've found so far...

This is a Phil & Ted's stroller with an add-on seat.
I would so kick the bottom the child. I just would.
Who goes on bottom? The new baby won't be all that interested in looking around, but Gage will---so Gage gets the top. But...I don't want my brand new baby down near the floor....but, Gage may reach out & drag his hand on the dirty floor....

Clearly, the above stroller has me stressed already. I don't think it's going to work for me.

This one...I can't imagine wheeling this thing through the mall. Sometimes it is hard to get through the aisles with a single-wide stroller....much less a double-wide.
[man, I wish you could hear how I just said that to myself in my was very white-trash-double-wide-like.]
The upside to this arrangement: they both get to face forward. the time the new baby cares about facing forward, will Gage be out of a stroller???

The Sit & Stand Version...

This for a baby & an older child. Seems perfect, right?
But, again I ask....what about when the older child is tired of walking, or isn't being particularly mindful that day.... I don't know about this one...

Well...then there's this:

The seats are movable...and removable, you can have an infant carrier, and a regular stroller seat when you need that. So, that's cool.

Another option that I really like...
The BumbleRide Queen B.
It has an attachable toddler seat...

In that bottom looks really small....but I've seen a pic of the stroller with a bayb & a toddler.

But then I worry....about Gage growing out of the toddler seat...
But, I also don't want to waste $$ on a double stroller if Gage is not going to be IN a stroller for much longer....

I don't know...I think that's why I like the last one the most. It's not a double wide, and can be used as a single stroller.


At 11:39 AM , Blogger Auntie Tipper said...

As someone who has been there..... You will need a double stoller for a while yet. Even tho he can walk, he will get tired very easily, or will refuse to walk since there is a perfectly good ride right there (he won't care about the baby inside!). In my experience, a single wide (in-line) is the best choice. Especially if you find one with a carrier attachment. The pram looking one is cute, but keep in mind that you will need something sturdy. You will have a little boy who will be rough- hitting kicking, banging, climbing in and out. He will also want to help fold, drag, and put away (or get it out and set up).
Everything will have up sides and downsides. You just have to pick the must haves and the live withs for your lifestyle and personalities. Mine were rough and tumble, so I needed sturdy. Also, at one time Trystan wasn't walking and Riley was a baby so I needed easy. My stroller was a one handed set up/ break down.
By the way, the side by sides will not get thru any single doorways. Just double doors.

Auntie Tipper

At 11:55 AM , Blogger Em said...

What a lot to think about! I like the bill and ted my friend has one and i always feed sorry for the baby on the bottom, what it someone kicks it!

At 1:34 PM , Blogger Erin said...

I totally agree that you need a double stroller. I got this one: Sit-N-Stand Plus 7548LX-PT Silverado Twin Stroller by Baby Trend. Google that and you will see "my" stroller. I really like that there is a conventional seat (with buckles! to keep Emily in place) but that it can also be converted into the sit n' stand thing, too. And is compatible with just about every kind of infant carrier.

At 1:47 PM , Blogger Zephra said...

You are right, the double wides ate just too wide. The single wide inlines are large and can be bulky but I used one for several years and you just get used to it. I like the last one the best but I would worry about unbalanced loads. What if Gage throws a fit, could he make it tip forward? I would go to the store where you can find it and play with it a while.

At 3:14 PM , Blogger Judy said...

I'm with Erin - if you can get one that has the seat on a sit and stand model, that's the way to go. My neighbor had one that lasted until her older son was 5+ years old. VERY good investment.

When I had my double stroller, the only thing that my son didn't like about sitting in the back (because the heavier weight had to be in back) was that he couldn't SEE. This is where I think the "stand" part would be a little handy!

And like everyone else, the side-by-side isn't worth it. Don't go there.

At 3:38 PM , Blogger ~JJ! said...

Yikes!!! I'm no help here. I like them all but I don't need one...that's why I like em.

At 4:23 PM , Blogger JakesMom said...

who makes the second to the last one?? Also, FYI, the sit and stand model comes with one that has a removable rear seat so the child in back can sit or stand.

At 4:44 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi i was wondering if you knew the exact manufacturing date on the stroller you have because there was some recalls on the strollers made in 2007

At 9:55 AM , Anonymous Fabulous Mommy said...

I have been in your situation and I am now in it again.
When my son was just 2 my daughter was born. I was determined to not get a double but quickly learned that was not going to be a smart move.If you ever intend on going out for a whole day your oldest WILL get tired and want to rest.

I got the Aria side by side twin stroller used for my first two. It does not fit into my house and I have to completely unload it and fold it up before I can come in. It is one of the most annoying things I have ever owned and I always have to consider if it will fit before going anywhere.

I will not get a sit and stand one or one with an attachable seat (Like the Queen Bee one) because sometimes my oldest also needs to nap. There is not restraint on a stand/sit one for them to do this and the attachable seat has no neck support.

I love the Phil and Ted brand strollers. They now have four different versions depending on what type of lifestyle you lead. I have tried them all out and have never found that I kick the bottom child. Also, as long as they are strapped in, they cannot reach out and touch the doesn't happen.
They convert to single strollers for those days you are only taking one kid (so no need to own another stroller on top of this one) and they have many different options for placing kids.
The tires now have guards to prevent wandering fingers from getting stuck. The vibe and dash have easy fold and can be folded with the second seat still attached)
I can go one and on about this stroller and as you can see I have done my research before number three gets here in September.
Please if you have any questions feel free to contact me.
Also check out my blog (I have written about Phil and Ted's) at

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At 12:34 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check out the Citi Select by Baby Jogger. I refuse a double wide as sell, and the extended length of an in line is undesirable too. I am in the same boat with the age difference, and this one has definitely set the bar for a double. STarts as a single but converts to a double without a large (longer or wider) base!!Lots of configurations, its stadium seating so both kids can see when facing forward, the low seat isn't close enough to the ground to have their feet or hands dragging.... watch the demo, and search for stoller reviews on youtube. There are a few moms that do this as a job and really give you the pros and cons of each. But when the oldest won't need the option of a stroller, you can convert it back to a normal size single! I am fairly certain this is the one I will be getting!

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