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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Tuesday & Wednesday...

Tuesday: went to Damon's regular dr appt. w/ him.
He has really high triglycerides & high cholesterol. So much so, that it is affecting his liver functioning---likely has fatty deposits/buildup around his liver. (To quote him: "I'm so fat, even my fat has fat!") So.....major diet & exercise changes are taking place around our house! According to the dr---his cholesterol/triglycerides require "immediate action" & they started him on a drug called Tricor.

Tuesday night....poor Damon had to do this phospho soda stuff for his GI scopes on Wednesday. Ooooh Myyyy Goooodness. May I never, ever, ever have to go through all that. Let's just say, I'd take an enema over that nasty crap any day of the week.

Wednesday....Damon had to go in for his scopes (colonoscopy & endoscopy). Outcomes:
GERD (Reflux), they'll treat this with meds (Aciphex for now) & hopefully it will improve. Lots of people have this (not that it makes it any less painful....). Usually treatable with drugs...worst case scenario (we're not there yet!): surgery to but a band around the top of his stomach/bottom of the esophagus to keep the acid from entering the esophagus.

Diverticulosis: little pockets on the colon that bulge outward. The doctor thinks that was what he was feeling on Damon. No tumors seen! Anyway....if you dont know what diverticulosis's a way to imagine it..... Imagine a country road that is smooth pavement with painted lines. That's no diverticulosis. Now imagine a city road with smooth pavement, but those big city bumps that sometimes mark turn lanes. Those would be the diverticula. The doctor saw no signs of infection in the little pockets at this time. People with diverticulosis can get infections in those little pockets, and that is called diverticulitis. Again---Damon doesnt have that now. He's got the little pockets, but they are not infected!

Biopsies: The doctor said that he is biopsy-ing (is that a word!!??) several areas along Damon's colon. He said that he does not think Damon has colon cancer. He said that he is testing Damon for 2 diseases. This is so terrible---but neither of us can remember one of them. The first one that the dr talked about has a really long name, and we cant even remember any details about that disease. But--we both remember this: the doctor doesnt think Damon has that---but he's testing him for it anyway b/c of Damon's symptomology. The 2nd one is Celiac disease. That's a condition where a person is allergic to wheat, barley, rye....things like that. In a person w/ Celiac disease, their body's response to the allergy is chronic diarrhea. So, he's going to test him for that....

So, the results will be back Friday or Monday.
Damon's in good spirits so far w/ regard to his changes...and upcoming exercise regimen.

Onto other things....

My personal opinion: Pamela Anderson & Howard Stern are mega-trash of America, and it is only fitting in my opinion that they get together. At the very least, Pamela should let Howard throw balogna at her a$$. (if you dont know what I'm talking about---do not ask!)


Meet the Barkers: why do I like this show so much? Anyway I do. But really---Travis is how old, and he'd never had Smores? That's so weird. I mean, his wife makes smores, and he thinks she came up with ingredients all on her smores were her idea. Um....okay.

Dallas SWAT....Damon & I are big fans of this show. It's neat.

Gilmore Girls....Luke--what are you thinking? How could you not tell Loralei about your daughter? I know it was going to be hard, but look at how she found out...Come on.

Project Runway: I hate Santino. He is annoying.

That's about all for now.
I've got to get to work.
I'm missing Baby Gage this morning. He's been at my mother-in-law's since...Tuesday. I went to see him & take him some milk yesterday. I was only there for about 20 minutes. That's not long at all! I've just had my hands full with Damon, so Linda kept Gage for us. I cannot wait to get home & see him & hold him & hug him & kiss him & play with him & sing to him & listen to him "talk".

Ugh! I want to go home now, and I just got here! I'm missing Mr.Squidgy Pants!

"Mister Squidgy Pants
Mi-I-is-ter Squid-gy Pants-oh!
Mister Squidgy Pants
He's Miiiiiiiiister Squidgyyyyyyy Paaaaaaaants!"

(that's our little diaper change song...)

It's funny how when you have a baby...everything can become a song. Damon & I sing about we live in a musical or something....

"We're going to the car
Oh yes we are!"
We're going to the car
& then we'll leave!
We'll drive down the street
you'll look at your feet.
We'll drive down the street
so we can leave!" I mentioned a bit ago...I've gotta get to work!


At 3:08 PM , Blogger hppytchr said...

Lots of prayers for you and Damon. So cute about the songs!!! One day he will be making up his own songs...think of all those brain connections he is making as you sing! :) You can never surpress the teacher in me!

I love you blog and all the pics! I cannot believe how big Gage is...he is growing so fast!


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