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Thursday, May 05, 2005

It's Thursday...

Well, it's Thursday...
What has happened since I last posted on Tuesday???
Tuesday night--after work--we went to Corsicana to get our baby furniture from Mema's. (because my aunts rock & got it for us!)
Getting down there was a hassle...Damon kept saying that he didnt want to go b/c of a chance of rain. So, I went to & pulled up the chance of rain...10% until 7PM. Then it went to 20% until midnight. At midnight it changed to 30%. So, I went home & argued my case...

You say there is a chance of rain...I say there is a 90% chance that it wont...and a 70% chance that it wont today!!!!

In the end, I won. We went to Mema's & got the furniture. And, it didnt rain.

So...we get it home. Damon wants to immediately assemble the the living room. I said that we should put it together in the baby's room because once it's assembled, it wont fit through the doorway. Would Mister Smarty Pants listen to me? No. Again, for the 2nd time that day--who was right??? Me. So, we had to put it together in the living room & then take it to the entry way, take it apart, take it through the doorway, down the hall, and into the baby's room. This head of mine is more than a hat rack my friend!!!!

So--that night we got the crib & changing table assembled. (With directions that are about as clear as mud!!!)

So...Wednesday morning rolled around. It was cold & rainy. (Yes, the rain started AFTER midnight). I went into the baby's room because I have a rubbermaid tote in there with sweaters in it. I wanted a sweater to wear to work. I go in there, and I guess during the night I forgot about the crib & changing table. So, I walk in there & turn on the light next to the crib & my eyes just teared up....We're having a baby! And here's where our baby will sleep! And, I will come in the middle of the night, or in the morning, and I will come right up to the crib just like this...except there will be a baby in there!!! Augh!!! I was so excited & happy in that moment....almost like when I found out I was pregnant...It was that big of a feeling...

So anyway...that was yesterday at work. All day yesterday I could not feel Gage moving around. i guess he was tired...

Last night when I was laying in bed, I could feel him for sure. So, I put my hand on the lower part of my belly. I'm constantly checking to see when you can feel the kicks on the outside. Well, last night my hand felt 2 of them. So, I told Damon to hurry & put his hand there. Mind you--Damon's hand is huge compared to mine--so his hand across my lower belly pretty much covers the span hip to hip. Well, I guess it was warm, dark, & quiet in my belly, because Gage went to sleep right after that. Damon still hasnt felt a kick yet. And, Damon says it is kind of different for him because he didnt get morning sickness, doesnt feel the baby...he watches me grow, & sees the sonogram picture...but he says that it is definitely different for him than it is for me...
So, I cant wait for him to be able to feel Gage too!!!

Today is Thursday...I'm at work.
I wish I were a stay at home wife. I'm not.
Oh--I wish I were a stay at home wife but still got a paycheck every two weeks. That would rock!

Need to work on laundry when I get home. I've got about 8 loads that are done but not folded. Washing & drying the clothes is not so's the ironing, folding, & hanging up that sucks.

Mom's coming this weekend to help with house stuff. I'm soooooo thankful!


At 10:14 AM , Blogger CBM said...

And that crib is also where you will stand over your sleeping baby, sometimes in the dead of night when you wake up for no reason and just feel compelled to check the baby, watching him breathe in and out, in and out, and you will feel so full of love. And you will tuck a couple of those experiences away in your heart and remember them forever.


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