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Monday, April 25, 2005

Another Sono today...he's still a boy!

Well, we went in at 10 this morning for another sono. He's still a little boy...and stubborn too. The sonogram took sooooooo long. She has to measure everything...and he did not want too cooperate at all. At first, she said he was moving a lot. Then, when she needed him to turn or move, he would not budge. If she needed to see his face, he'd turn & show her the back of his head. If she tried to measure his femur, he'd curl up & show us his feet.
...please, please dont let it be like this forever!!!! ...a prediction of things to come perhaps???

Anyway, I have a sweet sonogram picture of his profile. I love it. The others are kind of freaky looking. Imagine that cartoon, The Nightmare Before Christmas...well, I have one sono picture where the baby's face looks like Jack from that movie!!! It's cute & scary all at the same time.

They changed my due date from 9/25/5 to 9/18/5. Apparently I am 1 week further along than we thought. It's good news because I'm excited & ready for this baby to be here. I want to meet him so badly! It also makes me feel better about the amount of weight I've gained. :) But, it increases my baby's chances of being born on 9/11, which I just dont want. And, if I return to work after the baby--it means I will be returning right before Christmas. That sucks too.

We've decided 100% that he will go by "Gage". We've narrowed the choices down to Damon Gage or Gage Alexander. Feel free to cast your vote.

Got together with Megan & Susan on Friday night. Got our nails done. Mine still look fabulous & I'm loving it. Remembering now how much I miss manicures & pedicures. I may just have to make a bi-monthly routine of this. It's getting harder & harder for me to reach my toes now anyway.

Bought the movie, "Meet the Fockers"...please, dont buy this movie. We adored, "Meet the Parents", so we thought this would be just as awesome. Well, I can assure you--it's not. We should have known. Sequels as a rule are not as great as the originals. This holds true to that. While we enjoyed "Meet the Fockers"...we could have rented it at Blockbuster, gotten it through Netflix...and saved $20. So--if you live near me & want to see the movie--call me. I'll gladly let you borrow the movie. We wont be using it. Told Damon that we should just sell it on ebay to get some of our money back....

Went to Damon's grandmother's this past Saturday. She's 89 years old. Not doing so well (CHF +complications....) Anyway--very glad that we went. She is just such a sweet, sweet, woman. She's the kind that is never the first to let go in a hug--like she could just stand there & hug you for hours, and never get tired of it. She's very, very excited about this baby...and I'm sure she'll be even more excited when she finds out that we're naming him "Gage". See, Gage is a family name for Damon--it's his grandfather's last name. His grandfather passed away years ago, and Damon misses him a lot. Anyway, I'm sure she'll be excited about the name.

When we left Damon's grandmother's, we stopped at Mom's in Tyler. I really, really wanted to go to this baby boutique in Tyler called "Snug as a Bug"...but they closed at 4. How weird is that? Who closes at 4? (apparently THEY do!)

Got our oil changes on Sunday...
Walked around in WalMart for like 2 hours. I ended up sitting in the furniture area for a while...they were pretty backed up in the oil change department. Damon would have changed them at home--but it's only a few bucks more to get WalMart to do it. They know you'll shop while you're there. It worked...We shopped until my feet gave out.

I'm done typing for now!


At 8:06 PM , Blogger CBM said...

If those are the two choices, then I vote for Gage Alexander. I think babies should have their own unique names instead of sharing with their fathers, especially if you are not intending for him to go by his father's name. Plus it seems like it would be annoying to always have to say "No, I go by my middle name..." Just my opinion.


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