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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

3rd Grade Class Party.

Gage's class party was a hit. We had a hot cocoa station, Christmas tree pancakes, a book exchange and some games. A good time was had by all! {Well, except Eliette. She was having too much fun until she wasn't having any fun! She was escorted out into the hall so as not to interrupt and steal the show, then she was walked home by Daddy. That's right---he said, "Here's the car key. I'm going to walk her home." It was okay. While Gage wanted us all there, it just wasn't working out like he expected and this afforded him some solo time with Mom. Yay!}

Party prep pics:
Yay to my husband for getting our green pancakes JUST RIGHT! (As an aside: how lucky am I that during this year off he's able to help with stuff like 3rd grade party prep? He's able and willing, and I am so grateful for this time!)
The snowman donuts I do every year for his class parties.... Powdered donuts, black icing, orange Mike & Ike candies for the noses. What I learned about this project in years past: buy EXTRA bags of these donuts because once you get them home, you realize that only half to 3/4 of the bag has round, usable donuts. The rest are misshapen and don't make the cut. What I realized this year:
If you pat yourself on the back for being a Room-Mom-Badass by having your donuts done the day before, you will wake up on the morning of the party to discover that your black icing bleeds into the powdery donut sugar coating and they look gross. {If you truly are a Room-Mom-Badass, you have extra donuts and can save the day. Score!}

Party Pics:

Yes, they're blurry. Lo siento. We were doing the paper-plate-drawing-on-top-of-your-head game. The task was to draw: a green Christmas tree with a brown trunk, a yellow star, and red ball ornaments, and a red stocking. It was fun. The kids enjoyed it, and then had a lot of fun showing others how their drawings turned out. It was cute.
Mine: left. Gage's: right. He was shocked at how mine was pretty clear. I reminded him that I've had 30+ years of drawing experience.

The pancakes were a hit! Green pancakes with a brown trunk and yellow pancake star, M&M ornaments, and mini-marshmallows for snowflakes. Just add syrup and eat!

The hot chocolate was a hit too. (Crockpot hot chocolate made with condensed milk and water. So easy to make at the school because you don't have to schlep around gallons of milk.)

It was right around this point that Daddy announced that he'd be taking Eliette home....

Back in Gage's classroom it was book exchange time. The kids each brought a wrapped book and we did the whole "right-left" game. I wrote a small narrative about Gage's teacher during the holiday season. I think the kids liked it.

Gage's teacher had gifts for each of the kids to open: a book tailored to their specific interest and reading level so that they'd have something else to read over the holiday break. ...and that's when the sugar sillies kicked in!

And before we knew it, the party was over.... I took Gage home early with me. They had early release that day anyway...

Back at home--- "Whooooo was a mess at Brother's school!? Whoooo broke rulers in the classroom and then wouldn't be quiet in the halls???"
"It was MEEEEEEE!"

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