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Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day! 2014

Valentine's Day this year was....busy.

Baby girl was getting over a tummy bug and she stopped eating. I knew that she was kind of 'off,' you know?? Whatever. She still looked cute.

I found these Breaking Bad printable Valentines on Pinterest, so I wanted to incorporate that into my cupcakes for Hubby. We are behind, okay? While everyone else has been enjoying this show for years, we've just recently discovered it and watched it so fast! We finished the whole series in a matter of like 2 weeks.

So, our day started with Brother going to school, and us girls hanging in the kitchen...

And then, we had to get dressed to go to the dr. I mentioned that E was just "off" that day.... I got her dressed and she was crawling around the bathroom floor all fussy because I had to put her down to get myself dressed. Then she caught a glimpse of her "friend" in the mirror. She thought her "friend" looked pretty cute...

"I see you, Mommy!"

We headed out to the dr: strep throat. {Remember, I'm behind in blogging---this was her 2nd bout with strep throat, I've actually already blogged about it...}

When we got back home, I put Eliette down for a nap, and finished up our final V-Day treats so that they would be set up for Brother when he got home from school...

Brother's goodies:

Clearly, he had to sample a cupcake right away...after removing his shirt, of course. The blue sprinkles turned his lips and tongue blue, though it looks green in the picture....
Daddy's cupcakes:
The set up, complete with a heart shaped paper chain made by Gage at school:

Check out Sister's goodies from Gage:

I love how if he writes Eliette's name without me there to spell it out for him, he writes, "Elittle." So cute!

So, we had dinner at home that night....enjoyed sweets afterward....and how did I wrap up my evening? With my husband putting the kids to bed and me going to a late night MRI place to get an MRI of my hip. Good times. More on my hip at a later time.

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