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Thursday, March 06, 2014

Super Bowl Sunday, 2014...

So, this year for Super Bowl Sunday I actually cooked up a nice meal for my husband. For fun, Gage went upstairs and asked Daddy for his order. There was only one entree on the menu, and luckily for Daddy, that's just what he wanted! He got to choose the beverage of his choice, so that was certainly something exciting for Gage to write down.

Back in the kitchen, Gage and I prepared a tray of dinner and yummy treats for Daddy and delivered them to him. He was thrilled to watch the game in the new media seats (oh, yeah, we got media chairs in the upstairs play room).

It wasn't long before we were all up there....Gage played with his Legos and cars, while this one fell asleep where she likes to sleep best!

In the end, I think Damon turned the game off before it was even over, and I'm sure I excused myself long before that to watch anything else... Football? Yawn. I can think of hundreds of other ways I'd prefer to waste time.


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