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Sunday, February 16, 2014

2nd Grade "Creepy Creatures" Music Presentation....

Gage's school had a singing program for all of the 2nd graders. All of the songs were about bugs and creepy crawler things. It was pretty cute. Gage was THRILLED to get to play the Xylophone during part of the program.

Pics from the evening, before the program:

Let the presentation begin!

...and in the group shots, he was standing on the far right of the stage, naturally.... until he got to play the xylophone, and then he was in the back... Such is the way of the school performance...

It was a great night for us.

Our sweet boy has come so very far from his first days of on-stage performances, when he would just cry and give me the "I can't believe you won't help me get off this stage" stare as soon as he found my face in the audience. My mommy heart is so proud of how far he's come!

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