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Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Reality Check, Easy Bake Style.

Gage wanted an Easy Bake Oven for Christmas.
I'm cool with that.

Darnin delivered.

When we got home from our visit there, Gage couldn't wait to make chocolate chip cookies Easy Bake Style....

We mixed. We rolled. We patted, and we finally had our teeny-tiny-cookies, ready to push through the oven.
Reality check time:
They were each about the size of a dime, and Gage instantly wailed, "They don't look like the picture!"

Ahhhhh, the picture.
Setting the expectation way too high for generations.
"Sweetie, that's what they do to make you want to make the cookies. They're probably fake cookies, made of plastic, only to look like the most delicious cookies ever, so that you'll want to make them and eat them."
Gage said, "They make them look bigger too. I'm eating all of these."

...and of course I let him. 12 of those tiny cookies doesn't likely equal one regular sized chocolate chip cookie.

PS: Easy my ass. Working with miniatures is not easier....

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