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Monday, January 20, 2014

Tis the Season to be Merry!

Jessica, our dear friend and neighbor, gave me all of the IM injections during our IVF. I could do some of the shots myself, but the IM ones were hard! So, she certainly had a hand in the creation of Little Miss E.

It's only fitting that we let Eliette open the gift from Jessica as her first gift to ever open....and before Christmas too! {Now, technically, Eliette has received gifts prior to this one, but she'd never actually opened a gift, so there's that little special detail....}

 She says, "Hi, friend!"

After that, we were off to Northpark to see the trains!
When we actually got there, it was time for Eliette to eat, so Daddy & Gage went and saw the trains while I fed Eliette. Then she was a happy camper!

Gage was a happy camper too, when he was playing by the ducks and turtles...
...and while Eliette slept....
...Gage placated his mother and posed for this super-goofy picture at Urban Outfitters.

Why, yes, I am a fantastically huge dork. Thank you for noticing.

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