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Saturday, January 04, 2014

Off to Darnin's We Go!

Pics from a weekend get-away to Darnin & PawPaw's. Just us girls went. Daddy and Gage had stuff to tend to back at home...

They had some friends over to watch some sporting event. Probably a football game. See how very connected I am with sports??? I can't help it. If my son isn't playing, it just doesn't hold my attention much these days.

Eliette was decked out to see the guests, but it was all short lived for her, because she was so very tired. Truly, I think she wore this cute little holiday outfit for all of 20-30 minutes. 

Eliette and I excused ourselves to Darnin and PawPaw's room where Mommy could watch tv and put Little Miss to sleep. Here is the picture we sent to Daddy and Brother back home.
The next day, Bitty Girl lounged in her jammies all day. PawPaw tended to her while we (Darnin and I) went out for mani-pedis. How GREAT it was!
...and later in the afternoon/evening, once we found the Santa hat, it was all over.... let the photo shoot commence!

{Sadly, I didn't have my Nikon with me....just the cell phone....but oh well....}

Then we had to head home....What a LONG trip that was.
I've posted before about this one's moods changing on a dime, right? Well....let me tell you: she did NOT want to be in the car. She did NOT want to be strapped into her car seat or held by the restraints of that torture contraption. When I couldn't take it any longer and suspected from her screaming that she was covered in scorpions behind my line of sight, I pulled over.

She was fine. No buried burps that needed to work their way out. No scorpions in her car seat. She wasn't starving to death. She just needed to be held for a minute. She needed to check things out at the Shell station... She would have been perfectly content in my arms to walk all the rest of the way home.

No such luck. I strapped her back in and this little piggy cried weeee-weeee-weeee all the way home.

...and we made it home in time for me to tuck Gage into bed. Ahhhh....

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