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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Baby E & her Neb Meds....

Poor Baby Eliette had to visit the ER twice in December because she got the dreadfully awful respiratory virus... Poor baby....

So, she responded to the neb meds in the ER, and they sent us home with a Rx for a nebulizer. An amazing girlfriend was with me. Before we (E & I) walked out of the ER, she'd already filled the Rx for the medicine at our regular pharmacy, tracked down a nebulizer at a different pharmacy, and was 90% done with that process by the time I met her there at Walgreen's. What a friend!

...the nebulizer at home.... {I thought: how hard could it be?}
Well, you've got the machine, and the hook-ups for adults, pedi, infant, and blow-by....then, you've got separate hook-ups that the ER sends you home with, and they're different than the ones that come with the machine, but those are the ones you're used to using... Yeah.... have fun sorting it all out with a fussy, snotty, wheezing baby on your hip. Good times!

...but alas, we got through it...

In the beginning, I would hold her, and Daddy would sing "Peaceful Easy Feeling" to her, just to get her through. She'd play with the tubing, and we'd put cartoons on the tv....whatever it took to get through the looooooongest 8 minutes of our lives.

Eventually, she became the neb-med champ!

She says, "What? I got this."

I'm happy to report that as of today, Little Miss is over the virus and doing much better!

I'm not happy to report that the ER bills are rolling in and Hubby had a bit of sticker shock.... I can't help it that the ER I'm used to working in (and thus usually get that professional courtesy ER doc fee waived) is so far away! This is what happens when you move to the sticks and have to pay regular ER prices.
(Okay,'s suburbia....but still....)

...anyway....she was better by Christmas. That's important, right??? She didn't give her germs to Gage, and that's important too. AND, she even kept herself from spreading the germiness to Jessica and ruining any more of Jessica's days off!, that's down right considerate!!!!

{The last time Jessica took vacation, Eliette came down with strep throat, and shared it with Jess before we even knew that she had it.... She lures people in with her cuteness, and then just spews germiness all over them. It's an evil little gift she has....Bwahhhahaaahaaaahaa!}



At 10:51 AM , Blogger Stephanie said...

Poor thing! I've seen a handful of babies need a nebulizer this flu season already and it doesn't look fun. Glad she ended up being a pro with it and that she's feeling better!


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