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Friday, January 24, 2014

Santa came!

Christmas morning, 2013.
Gage's 9th Christmas morning; Eliette's first.

Gage woke up first. He checked out his Santa stuff briefly....

Without any prompting, this sweet little boy just had to go wake Sister. He was so excited to show her what Santa left for her.

How blessed am I that he loves his sister so? How blessed are we that we have these two amazing, beautiful, and healthy children??? So blessed! And I am so glad that I have these pictures of Brother waking Eliette up on her very first Christmas morning. So sweet!

Under the tree with gifts and toys and merriment!

For Christmas, Baby Girl got her very first baby doll.... At first, she wanted NOTHING to do with it. Truly, if you put a toy in front of her, her hands would come together to touch, grip, and grab the toy. You put this baby doll in front of her? Her arms would swing out to the sides and upward, as if to say, "I'm not touching that! What is that!?" So funny!
Eventually she touched the baby doll....even if it was only to say, "Take that, you imposter! I'm the baby around here!"

...but then, she came around. She was curious, but ultimately, she's all 'take-it-or-leave-it' about the baby doll at this point...

The late morning chaos:

...and last but not least: Gage's GrandDaddy Longhorn spent the night with us. He scattered Gage's Christmas gift throughout the tree. Gage was thrilled!
We finished the morning up with a big breakfast. GrandDaddy headed out, and we all got to nap and rest. It was wonderful!

Ahhh.....what a great Christmas morning.

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