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Monday, February 03, 2014

Christmas with Darnin & PawPaw, 2013 (Part II)

We woke up in the living room on Day 2 of the festivities... and techno-gadget-games ruled the roost... Heaven forbid these kids actually TALK and INTERACT.... No, they did some of that too....

Buddy and Ranger had to take turns being inside and outside and always supervised when they are together. Ranger starts sh*t, and Buddy has the ability to end it.... Buddy doesn't seem to know his own strength, and Ranger doesn't know when to leave it alone... Fun and exhausting, all at once!
Gage had fun plugging E into the tablet world while we were all waiting on breakfast...

She eventually tuckered out and Daddy got to get her to sleep...
...which isn't really an easy task when THIS is going on at your feet:

"I'm the King of the World!!!!!"
(Seriously, isn't that cousin pic above so cute???)

Baby Girl and her Daddy....
Cue the outfit change....time to get ready for the day!

So cute. Just love her to pieces!!!!

We were all hanging out a bit before we got to open gifts....

...and for whatever reason, I can't seem to upload anymore pics to this post. So, there will have to be a part III.

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