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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Baseball Buddy...

Do you see that smile?
That's because he tried out for an area select baseball team. That's his new coach telling him, "You made the team!"

What did we do after that?
Celebrate, of course!
The above pics are from 1/12/14.
Now, practices for Spring have already started.

We were told what we were getting into....but until you're really doing it, you don't reeeeally know. We've got two 2-hour practices each week, then 1-2 thirty minute individual lessons each week....that's potentially 5 hours of practicing, on a non-game week. Game weeks apparently pack in even more baseball, and tournament weekends are two days packed full of baseball, aside from your during-the-week baseball.

....what have we done?!?!

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