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Sunday, February 09, 2014

She's mobile.

Gone are the days when Eliette would stay right there on her pallet with all of her toys surrounding her.

Around Christmas time she was rolling and scooting about....and for a while, she could only go backward, which was pretty funny.

And then, it all came together for her one day. Well, on 1/9/14, to be exact, and it just sooooo happens, that Mommy has it all on video!

So, there's a picture on Day 1 of crawling....
It was all over after that!  She's been on the go ever since!

Nothing is safe....

...and seriously. We had 38 weeks of pregnancy and 8 months since then to baby-proof this house. WHY DIDN'T WE DO IT SOONER????

Now that our sweet girl is mobile, she's no longer so sweet during diaper and clothing changes. She bolts at the first sign that you've loosened your grip, or even looked away for a split second!

I spy with my little eye....a tiny hiney! 

hahahahaha! {she's making a bee-line for the dog's water bowl....again!}



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