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Sunday, March 02, 2014

In the hood....(Pics from 1/10/2014)

Fo' real, yo. I'm playing blog catch up!

Here are some pics of Eliette back in January in her little hooded outfit. This was Day #2 of crawling, and there was no place that she didn't want to explore! I usually set her on the floor with a toy or two while I picked out her clothes....oh, she made a bee-line for the closet as soon as she was dressed...

"Hey, Mom! Look what I can do!"

 "I'm coming to get you!"
"...because now I can!"
 "Yaaaaaaaay for crawling! Yaaay!"

 Oh my goodness, we could all just eat her up!

....just a little joke about her looking like Eminem in her hoodie.



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