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Sunday, March 02, 2014

Gripey Guts UPDATE!

We've got some good and some bad...

So, the doctor tested her for c-diff based on her symptoms and based on the fact that she'd been on so many antibiotics (two rounds, three drugs total). C-diff positive. Ugh!

We had to BLEACH EVERYTHING just in case. Sad to say: we lost a few toys in this process. If I couldn't bleach it or wash it on hot water, I had to decide if it was worth keeping or not, and I was not about to let c-diff win!

So, we thoroughly cleaned EVERYTHING. Memaw kept the kids for the day and we had to jam on it. Steam cleaned the carpets and everything!

One of the down sides to her c-diff test being positive is that it may mask any possible reaction she was having to the soy. So, maybe she did react to the soy, maybe she didn't. We just don't know.

I mentioned before that we'd been trekking right along, thinking that she's outgrown all of this...
Well, lo & behold, Jess was over at my house the other day, and she saw that my frozen cilantro squares, which are soooo easy to cook with, have soybean oil in there. I had no idea. I've been eating that, and noticing no difference in E. So, that's a point for the growing-out-of-it category. On the other hand, I've read and been told that some MSPI kids don't react to soybean oil or soy lecithin, but react to the protein in full soy. So...there's a point for the other side.

We don't know.
Nobody knows.

The good news on E is that the treatments for c-diff are (1) mega-amounts of probiotics &/or (2) another antibiotic. We've decided with the dr to treat this with the probiotics, and if that doesn't help, then we'll try the stronger Rx medicine. So far, 10 drops of the probiotics per day is AWESOME and totally working. Yaaaay!

Yay for BioGaia/Gerber Soothe drops! Yay for Clorox and Clorox CleanUp! Yaaaay for getting germ free!

I know this is true: I'm ready for macaroni and cheese. Being dairy-free, I just feel better. I feel cleaner about eating, if that even makes sense.... But mac & cheese? Oh, how I miss it!

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