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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

1/31/14: A quick trip to the park

So, randomly on a Friday afternoon, a couple of us mommies and babies were able to meet up/walk to the playground. Yaaaay!

In this next little picture, it's funny because all of these babies were due & born one right after another. E was born in May, T was born in June, and D was born in July. Then, not pictured is L who was born in August. We all live just a few houses from each other. We've had our own little baby boom.

Left to right: D, Eliette, & T.
D&T are cousins.

 Eliette also tried out the swing for the very first time that day. It was a hit!

...and here Brother is giving sweet kisses. He's such a great big brother!

Me and the kiddos. Good times....

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