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Monday, November 18, 2013

Mema Rules.

Have I mentioned how much Mema (my grandmother) loves Eliette???  Well, she does!

....since I was 4 years old, I was going to have a little girl, and I was going to name her Emma, after my grandmother. It was my plan. know how plans go.... I finally DID get my little girl, but her name is Eliette, and her middle name is after my mother & grandmother. Eliette loves Mema, and Mema loves her. Although Mema has dementia, and may not remember Eliette's name, she calls her "Little One" (as she calls all babies!) or just "the baby." Mema forgets a lot of things, but she doesn't seem to forget about Eliette, and always looks forward to her visits. It's very sweet. So very sweet....
Four generations of hands right there.... How sweet is that? Just think of all the soothing, rocking, and baby patting those hands have done and will do.... To this day I am comforted when my mother rubs my head...I do the same thing to my little girl and just imagine that it must be what my mother did to my little head as a baby.... With Gage, I patted his little bottom as he drifted off to sleep on my shoulders. Even now when he's tired or sick, he'll curl up and I'll pat his little bottom....he finds comfort in that.... My children are just so lucky to have 2 of their great-grandmothers alive to know them.

Grandmothers always make you feel like they've been waiting all day to see just you and now their day is complete. That's one of the best things about my grandmothers, at least....

I recently flew on American Airlines and I read this story about Jonah Hill in their in-flight magazine. What a cute kiddo. Apparently he's got one tattoo and it's a tribute to his grandmother. "Nanny Rules" is tattooed on his body somewhere... Mema wouldn't want me to get it tattooed on me....she's not into that sort of thing.... But yes, just like Jonah's Nanny, Mema Rules.

(*The above pics are from a visit to her house at the end of September...)

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At 8:58 AM , Blogger mdisselhorst said...

these pictures are priceless. I miss my grandmas so much.


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