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Monday, November 11, 2013

Halloween Night, 2013

Alas! It's time to post about Halloween Night!

On Halloween Night, we had a Navy Seal & a 50s Sock Hop Baby! 

I think Eliette really enjoyed her little costume. She could sense that something was up. She was in a super happy, and super talkative mood.... And then it was time to head out & Trick-or-Treat!
...we got her ready, but sadly, her costume got covered up. I also learned that night that we're going to need to invest in a quite a few hats this Fall/Winter because she has very little hair!

Daddy did a great job this year on the front yard cemetery, complete with the spooky fog.... His plan is to add a little every year.... Such a good Daddy to make those memories for our kiddos, and to make that a priority....

We (Jess & I) headed out with the kiddos, while the Daddies (James & Damon) handed out candy back at our house... That's two years in a row now. Next year---we Mommies are hanging back & letting you Daddies run with the kids!
...I'm just sayin'!
Trick or Treating at the first house.... (R1, Gage, and 16 year old J, our neighbor, as Freddy Krueger)

....and then back at home that night.... Ahhhhh, Halloween is over....

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