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Monday, October 28, 2013

School Open House....

Shortly after school started this year, Gage's school had the meet-the-teacher-open-house type thing... SOMEONE couldn't keep quiet while in the classroom hearing about all of the exciting 2nd grade activities, and she had to be taken out into the hall....

As you can see, it didn't phase this little chatterbox, and she actually looks quite pleased with herself. Oh boy.... the school years are going to be fun!

Gage is a fabulous student with regard to ability and grades, but he doesn't want to be there at school. He goes because it's required by law that he get some kind of education. His favorite parts of school: recess, lunch, & library. {At least we have ONE thing in there that's somewhat academic!}

After the presentations, he got to hit the playground... Check out this new piece of playground equipment that I've dubbed "The Kid Flinger."

...and you know what??? They love it! Kids....

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