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Monday, October 28, 2013

Just a random Tuesday....9/3/13

Pictures from just a random day at the Casa de Lainey Paney....
These pics were actually from 9/3/13.

We spend a little time playing.... This is Eliette and "G." {G is for giraffe!}

 {Nom Nom Nom!!! I'll eat your face off, G!}
 {Who saw that???}

How else do we spend our time???
Doing WHATEVER IT TAKES to get this doll to nap. She's rather spoiled with regard to napping, and she generally gets what she wants.... She sleeps best on Mommy or Daddy's chest.

....and in the afternoon, we go get Brother from school. Oh, she loves her brother....
....and he loves her. We are so lucky!

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