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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

McK came to visit!

Her parents brought her.
She needed a ride....
...and I didn't so much mind hanging out with her 'rents!

Oh, M'Witty, how I miss you and love it when you visit!!!

Sadly, Hubby was at work, and Gage was at school for most of their visit, but Bitty Girl and Mommy got to hang and swim...

McK kept telling Eliette to "hush" and bringing her pacifiers. Too cute!

 "Baby has EYES."
"I told you to HUSH!"

Oh, it was wonderful having her here. It's TERRIBLE that I don't live closer to Melis & McK. It's TERRIBLE that McK doesn't just come running to me when she gets here... *sniff*sniff*....but that's what it's like when we're all this far apart.

....and that just means that I'll have to make a big Summer trip up there this year to get our kiddos together annually! ....or more!!!!!


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