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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Twas the weekend before school started...

...and all through Gage's world, there was a TON of swimming, and parties GALORE!
{I couldn't resist the rhyme this time...}

A dear friend coordinated an End-of-Summer/Back-to-School swim at the local city pool. Gage got to invite his friend, R1 to go with us. Good times....

Funny story as we rolled up for the party...
I pulled into a parking spot, and I didn't initially realize that it was parking for the disabled. So, when I see the sign on the pole ahead of me, I tell the boys that I need to move the car.
Gage: Why?
Mommy: Well, this parking spot requires a disability placard. It's parking for the disabled.
Gage: Oh, for like people who can't walk?
Mommy: Yes.
Gage: Well we could park here if we had Eliette with us.
Mommy: What?
Gage: Well, she can't walk. there's that....

Anyway...back to the party! Some fun pics:

Above: R1 (3rd grade), Gage (2nd Grade), C (2nd Grade)
Then, there was some 'hanging-with-the-family' time....

Oh, how this sweet boy loves to make his sister laugh...and oh how she loves to be entertained by him. Such sweetness between them...

The hot tub? It pretty much relaxes and mellows this one out.... (no, we don't keep her in there for more than 10-15 minutes, and we lower the temp before she gets in.)
And then what happened?? Well, Gage helped me give Eliette a bath. Not pictured: Gage actually got IN the bath too.

What else??? Well, we've started a new tradition for Gage: Breakfast for Dinner the night before school starts. Why? Because when I was growing up, we had this tradition where I'd get to pick whatever I wanted to eat for breakfast on the first day of school. You want cake? Go ahead. What did I ALWAYS want? Grilled porkchops. That was it for me... Well, I've tried that tradition for Gage's first day of Kindergarten and 1st Grade. My little guy is a ball of nerves before school starts, and he just cannot eat those mornings. Seriously. So, since he LOVES having breakfast for dinner, we will do that the night before school starts.

Twas the night before 2nd grade, and breakfast for dinner was a hit!

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