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Monday, October 14, 2013

2nd Grade? Here he comes....

Gage was PUMPED for the 1st day of 2nd grade...

Daddy headed off to work, and we headed off to school. Now, even though this is not his first year of school, this is his first year at a new school... So, there's that. He was excited to be going to a school closer to home and with many of his friends. What else was different about this year??? I got to juggle TWO kiddos in the morning...

...and what else was different???
"Mah-um. Stop taking my picture!"
"Gage, just smile."
"No. Stah-up!"
Yeah...the pictures at school??? I got the above ONE in the parking lot at school.... and then I snapped one in the classroom when he wasn't looking...
Now, let's talk about 2nd grade school supplies for a sec....
48 pencils? Are you kidding me??? WHO NEEDS THAT MANY PENCILS!?
That's 48 per kid!
And glue sticks??? 20 per kid. That's a lot of gluing! He better bring home a log cabin built of glued pencils. I'm just sayin'....

And now, for the great comparison pics:
2nd grade (2013):
1st grade (2012):

Gage & Mommy 2013:
Gage & Mommy 2012:

Sweet boy....he's just growing and wont' stop!
{...and I don't care how corny the glass apple is...we're doing the glass apple pic as long as I can get away with it. Thank you for humoring your dear old mom, Gage.}

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