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Saturday, November 02, 2013

Halloween Day....

Gage had to attend school on Halloween, so Eliette and I hit the town with a few costume changes...

To surprise Daddy, since he wasn't at the office, we went there and had a blast! What did Eliette do? Why, she wore her DADDY COSTUME of course!

 Here's the Daddy costume....
 Here's what we sent Daddy by text....
He got a kick out of it, and was totally surprised.

What next??? Off to see Gammy (one of Gage and Eliette's great-grandmothers) at her assisted living facility.

Eliette enjoyed Gammy's light up earrings.

After that: a quick trip (yeah, right!!) to Whole Foods, and then a jaunt on home.... We had to get ready for trick-or-treating!

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