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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Camp Wanica, Fall 2013

This was Eliette's first trip down to Camp Wanica. This time, it was just us girls going down there... Why? Well....Gage was invited to a certain someone's birthday party. He chose the birthday party. He was given the choice. He'd been invited to Camp Wanica many times. He'd never been invited to HER birthday party, though he suspected she'd had birthday parties in the past...

Here we are at Mema's house, going to spend the night before heading over to Camp Wanica.
Oh, Sweet Mema. She loves the little ones...

The next day we had to get up and get ready to head over to Camp Wanica. Sweet girl, all decked out in her pink...
Terrible pic of me, but it was one that we sent to the guys letting them know we missed them. Daddy stayed back with Gage to give him a ride to the party... Good Daddy.
Other pics from the day....

Oh my goodness, these next pictures of my nephew meeting and holding Eliette...oh, they crack me up! 

Yes, he literally said, "Um, can you take this baby?"
Hahahaha!!!!! {Hey kid, she poops, she pees, she cries....remember this in your teen years, mmmkay?}

We were all very excited to celebrate Mema's birthday this year while we were at Camp Wanica. 91! Wowzers!!!!

It was a very fun day. Camp Wanica is ALWAYS fun.
This year, each girl was assigned a color. By "girl," I mean, Mema's girls. AKA: The Sisters. My mom is #7 out of 7 sisters. How cool is that??? 4 sisters are still living. We've lost my Aunt Nell, Aunt Jean, and this past April, we lost my Aunt Wanda. Here is Mema & "The Girls" as they are now...
Anyway....each girl was assigned a color to wear, and her family (kids & grandkids) were to wear that color also. Maybe a little dorky, but a lot of fun! (Aunt Billie/maroon, Aunt Pat/lime green, Aunt Loraine/blue, Mamasita/pink, and then Mema. She chose a pink top to offset her very colorful corsage.)(PawPaw's shirt reads, "Bitty's PawPaw."

"Oh! Is it time to leave already?"
Back at Mema's house...

I have very few pictures from the Sunday that followed Camp Wanica.... I know that we slept late...went to Sonic, where Eliette had a blow out diaper and we didn't have very many wipes, and I was given expired drink coupons.... Mema, with her dementia, was saying some rather humorous things, and she was tucking away half eaten food in the backseat of my car. It was eventful, I can assure you. Then, we went to a nearby Russel Stover candy store....they had a lot of things, but not the peanut patties that Mema was wanting. We stopped by the grocery store for those. You know that you are in Small-Town-Texas when you see a sign like this:

 After all of that running about, I think we were all tuckered out!

Little Miss had a nap and I'm sure that shortly after that we hit the road and headed home.... Good times....

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