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Friday, November 22, 2013

September Wrap Up!

I've SERIOUSLY got to get caught up!

Here's Gage with a "GooGoo Bar." He often says to his sister, "A-goooooo. A-goo-goo." It tickles Eliette. He's such a sweet big brother.... mother in law has given Eliette a bath before, and she does it in the kitchen. I decided to give that a whirl....'s just easier to do it in the bathroom, IMO.

Eliette says, "I don't care where you do it. I just enjoy getting a bath!"

What else???
Gage got to play his last season with the Braves. These boys played T-ball together, and then moved up to Coach Pitch. Sadly, Gage is "aging out" of this team, and will have to play up in the Spring. He's been encouraged to try out for a select team, so we may be going down that road for the Spring.

Mommy worked a few shifts.... it was WEIRD to not be with Eliette all day and skip out on the school pick up routine... It was WEIRD. A nice little random break, but it felt abnormal....

These two are just crazy fun together. Gage loves her, and she loves him! Here they are lounging on Gage's bed, in a sea of his stuffed animals.
I just love his sweet little face and her crazy eyes & round belly! Ha!!!

Hmmm....what else about September???

Eliette had more tummy time...

Gage cracked a filling and had to have it replaced.
Gage still has to have sedation for these types of procedures. His anxiety at the dentist just gets the best of him. Poor Buddy....

Mommy and Eliette TRIED to nail down a nap schedule. Mmmmm....nope. She just fell asleep whenever and wherever...

She enjoyed sleeping in her swing the most...
Gage and Eliette enjoyed a lot of outdoor time.... (Gage playing football toss with Daddy...)

Eliette kept us all entertained with her little personality and expressive face. She's so funny! (this first little tongue sticking out picture CRACKS ME UP! why??? because it seems to just show her delightful little soul!)

What else???
Eliette started CEREAL!

And THAT marks the end of September.

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