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Saturday, November 23, 2013

School Spirit Event....

In the early Fall, Gage's new school has a spirit event fundraiser. It's a softball game in which the teachers play.
Before the game, we went to get icees (Gage got orange, as you can tell from his teeth), and then to a local party supply store to buy some extra spirit wear....Gage and I had fun with that!
 Gage displayed our haul back at home...

The event was VERY well attended, and it was just a bit too crowded in the stadium seating for our crew. We got all decked out...

...only to leave the event and sit OUTSIDE of the fields and watch the game.

We put our time in, and then we headed home...Eliette was hungry & ready for bed. Surprisingly, she didn't care about the blue wig, and I guess she got used to it throughout the evening....

Next year: we've already got our blue spirit items... We will know for sure where to sit (outside of the event! It was perfect on a hill and the kids had room to play).... We will have one little miss to outfit in blue & white, and she will likely be toddling around. Woohooo!

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