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Thursday, October 03, 2013

August 17th....

Pics from August 17th....
I met Darnin & Rikki at Jason's Deli in Arlington. Rikki was THRILLED to meet Eliette, and I was THRILLED to see Rikki!

As you can see, Eliette was not THRILLED to be photographed that day. Such is life...

We had a great lunch and a good afternoon.

Driving back home, I went over the bridge, and everyone on the bridge was going soooo slow, just taking in the number of boats on the lake. It was crazy-busy on the water that day...

....and then here are some pictures of Eliette after her bath that night.... sweet girl!

....and then she was sleeping...
....and then THESE two were being silly for the picture, and I couldn't get it to not be blurry...and know: such is life.

I'm so behind on blogging. Will I ever get caught up!?

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