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Thursday, September 26, 2013

8/16: Visiting Daddy's Office

On the day that Eliette turned 3 months old, we went to visit Daddy at work. It wasn't necessarily set for "we'll do this when she's 3 months old;" it just kind of worked out that way....

Now, with a spitter, you learn to dress them and hurry to put a bib on them before they spit up on their clothes! {Thank you, Rikki, for this super cute bib by She-She-Made.}

 Ready to go see Daddy & his peeps at work!

When we got there, everyone was all over Gage and the baby. Gage doesn't know what to do with that kind of attention. Eliette? She and Gage seem to be the exact opposite of each other with regard to disposition. Give Gage a lot of attention and he withdraws. Give Eliette a lot of attention and she tries to shine just to get more! God has blessed me with both kinds of children, and I am better for it, I believe....

Gage was happy to escape into Daddy's office and sit in his big chair...
 This little girl got a little crabby when she was hungry, but once we fed her, she was content....and tired.

 But....Daddy can always get her going!

What did we do after that? Well, since we were in Dallas....we just HAAAAAD to answer the calling of Northpark {aka: my home away from home....aahhhhhhhh}

Can't believe how big this little guy is since he started playing here...{big guy, little guy, whatever...}

Eliette seemed to have a few thoughts about Northpark herself....

"So, Mom, there's this place called Northpark. We're here. Look around. It's pretty awesome." 
 "Whaaaat? You've KNOWN about this place?"
"'ve known about this all along, and I'm just now coming here for the first time at THREE MONTHS OLD!? How shall I punish thee? Let me think....."
"I shall NOT nap on a schedule! How do you like THAT?" 

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