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Saturday, September 07, 2013

Visiting Gam....

We got out one afternoon to visit Gammy while she was recovering from her hip surgery. She wasn't in her regular room at the assisted living, so it was a change of pace for all of us....

Sweet girl, dressed & ready to go!

Hi, Gammy!!!!!
This next photo just CRACKS ME UP!
(Someone was a bit tired and started to lose it just then....)

But, Brother of course stepped in & kept her content...

And then what happened???

So sweet!

Gage loves going to Gammy's assisted living. They have fish and bunnies....and he likes the food in the dining room... It's just a treat for him to go. The dining room is like a really fancy restaurant to him. It's very cute.

...and we've GOT to get back over there for another visit soon.

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