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Saturday, September 07, 2013

After Camp Drop Off....

Eliette and I actually stayed there at Camp Darnin for the first day of camp. Daddy was out of town, so we didn't have anything to rush home to, and this way we got to visit more and make sure Gage was down with staying there for the whole week of camp....

Pawpaw got E to sleep, just like she likes....the way Daddy does it at home. He's gotten her so spoiled. But truth be told, I know Eliette likes it.... Daddy likes it...and I'm sure Pawpaw liked it!

Come Tuesday morning, Darnin took Gage to camp, and Eliette and I were going to get out and about after we woke up good....
No more cradle....right???

That morning, we were soooooo lazy..... It was WONDERFUL!

Sleeping...and nursing....and sleeping some more....

Even when we got up and dressed, someone was STILL tired!
...but oh-so-cute!

We packed up, and I took her to Allen's grave before we left town. We spread out a blanket, and just....lounged.....and nursed....and talked to Allen.

Someone put this neatly tied rosary on his temporary marker.... I found it quite interesting to just think about the work that went into making that.....

Then we hit the road headed for home. We left Gage there in Tyler for Camp Pine Cove and Camp Darnin. Fingers crossed, and we hoped for the best!

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