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Saturday, September 07, 2013

Camp Pine Cove 2013

This year, Gage went to Summer Camp!

This was his first year, and it was a big success.

He's not exactly ready for sleep-over camp, so he got to go to Camp Pine Cove during the day, and Camp Darnin at night. What a perfect set up, right?? Pine Cove has sleep-over camp and day camp near Darnin's, so it worked out well.

Gage, Eliette, and I headed to Tyler the night before camp. Gage was thrilled to spend some time with Darnin & Pawpaw's dog, Buddy.... Buddy even jumped in the tub with Gage, which couldn't have pleased Gage more! {Yes, he is the most interesting dog in the world!}

Then it was story time in the guest room for Gage. He was NOT going to sleep in the same room as his sister. Her noise machine (set to ocean waves) annoys him. Besides, Gage soaked up the one-on-one attention he was getting from Darnin.

 The next morning we had to be up early to head out to camp...

Sister was dressed in a happy outfit for his send off.

On the morning that we dropped him off for camp, I was so pleased with the set up....I wanted to stay there!

Check this out: it's called "The Sea of Narnia."

Gage went right over to his camp leader, and had a blast....

He wants to go EVERY YEAR now.

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