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Monday, August 19, 2013

So I don't forget...

This blog post is mostly for I don't forget the cuteness....

Hubby sometimes travels for work. In fact, right before Elle was born, he was traveling quite a bit so that when she got here, he was able to stay home for a while. Well, when he finally had to head out of town, it was my first time to solo parent dos ninos.

Gage woke up in the middle of the night and didn't want to be anywhere without he made himself a pallet on floor in the nursery next to the rocker where I was nursing the baby. So cute...

....and this little puffy-cheeked darling? I love my middle of the night feeding with her! when I put the baby back in her crib, I told Gage that he could get back in bed with me. At the next feeding time he woke up with the baby crying, as did I. He said that he would be fine on his own in my bed. When I returned from the 2nd feeding of the night, here's what I found: Gage in bed, with the dog, watching tv and every light in the master area of the house was on. Thank goodness it was Summertime and we didn't have school or anything else going the next morning!

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