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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Visiting Mema...

Did I mention here that both of my grandmothers have fallen recently, and they've both been in the hospital, and both had to go into skilled nursing facilities? No??? Well, that's the shortest version of the events....

Mema fell in her bathroom while trying to put away some towels. She broke ribs and hurt her shoulder. Poor Mema.... Little Miss E and I went down to look at nursing facilities with my mom and some of my aunts. Mema was soooooo happy to see Eliette. It was wonderful.

It's hard to see Mema like old and hurting... But, when you bring your baby with you and see how excited she gets about the little ones (and that's what she calls them all, "little one"), it just feels good. It makes you feel good to make her feel good.....

...and Darnin was pretty excited to see her too.
That night, we went home to Mema's house to sleep. wasn't easy to get Eliette to sleep that night! She was hellbent on fighting it. Look! She even looks like she wanted to fight!
{"The last person who tried to make me sleep got two of these!"} Feel free to make up your own caption.

She ended up falling asleep in her bouncy, with her lights and sound machine going. She's a fan of the ocean waves setting.

Finally she went to sleep....
So, then I was able to move the bouncy a bit more to the center of the bed and I slept next to her. I didn't sleep super-well, but I slept. I think she only woke twice that night... Good times....

The next day, it was back to the hospital. It was a dreary, rainy day...and Eliette's tummy was making her fussy.

Pics from the day...

We had to hit the road and head back home that afternoon. It was a Sunday, and Daddy was on Gage-duty. {I say "Gage-duty" as if it's a's  sooooo not. I think they rather enjoyed having a "Guys Weekend" around here...}

...and on the way out of town heading back home I saw this:

Welcome to Texas.

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At 5:54 AM , Blogger mdisselhorst said...

that second picture of your grandmother and baby is priceless!!!


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