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Saturday, August 17, 2013

"At what point is it just loitering?"

One super-hot day, I took Gage, Eliette, and Gage's buddy, H to Chick-fil-a for lunch...

(Please note: Gage dressed himself. He cares not about the idea of clothes "matching." He dressed solely for comfort and function that day...)

Anyway....for those that don't know, these Texas Summer days can seem soooo long because of the sunshine and heat. We went to CFA to have an indoor escape. It just so happens that we randomly showed up on the "Dress like a cow and eat for free" day. Oh my.... It was crazy busy, but it was a lot of fun to people watch. For the record: the teenage boys were the ones who typically had included udders on their costumes. I found that tidbit hilarious! Ahhh....the male obsession with breasts! Ha!

Anyhow....the boys ate lunch and played in the play area, while Eliette and I sat in a corner booth, nursed, and she slept.... It was AWESOME.
We stayed....and stayed....and then the boys were hungry again.....because it was dinner time! So, they ordered dinner and ate that....and I texted a friend: "We've been at Chick-fil-a long enough for my child to eat twice. At what point is it just loitering!?"


loitering  present participle of loi┬Ěter (Verb)

  1. Stand or wait around idly or without apparent purpose.
  2. Travel indolently and with frequent pauses: "they loitered along in the sunshine, stopping at the least excuse".
We had purpose: food, fun, and air conditioning! 

The boys had fun with the face painting (or non-face painting) that they offered that day. Sweet boys....

(That's a Minion and a shark....and two happy boys!)

It was a great, random, Summer CFA day....

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