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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Pine Cove Post #3....

With regard to blog posts...we've traveled back in time to camp this past Summer.... Now we've got to go over the end of camp week!

Eliette and I went back to Tyler on the Friday that he was to get out of camp.
I got "Sister" all dressed and ready to go get "Brother." She wore orange and white because orange is his favorite color.

We arrived in time to see their end-of-the-week-program. It was cute. I was so caught up in getting it on the iphone, and then found out that each camper would go home with a dvd of the video montage. Yaaay!

Pics from the program....

After the general singing program, the kids broke into their small groups/"cabins." The cabin leaders singled out each child and read a sweet card that was personalized to each of their personalities. Very nice.

After that, we headed outside for Gage to show us around the camp area...

What's behind us there?? 'The Sea of Narnia.' Check it out:

Doesn't that look like fun!?!?

After the end of camp, we loaded up and went to

Darnin kept Eliette in the air conditioning while we ventured outdoors and played mini-golf.
Gage was such a gentleman, and went into the brush after my ball several times...
AND, he got his first ever HOLE-IN-ONE!
The hole:

It was a pretty awesome time....

It was hot though, and we were a sweaty mess when we left.
It was a good time though....and the kids slept WELL after a day like that...


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