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Thursday, March 22, 2012

CA Trip 2012 Part Six: Tulipmania & other events!

After Alcatraz, we went down to Fisherman's Wharf and to several of the piers.
Guess what was going on. Did you guess "Tulipmania"? If you did, you are sooooo right. It was beautiful! Tulips everywhere! Have I mentioned how much I love flowers???
So, I took lots of flower pictures. Not all of them were tulips, but here they are because they make me happy. They are bright, and springy, and cheerful.

We ate at a place called Nick's Lighthouse. Everything I ate was delicious! Sadly, for Hubby, he liked his lobster bisque, but not his main dish. Ah, such is life.

The interior of this place: CRAZY. Ugly. Shady looking.
Check out the ceiling:

{Hi, Hubby.}

What else?
Oh! I saw this bike that I wish my mom & her sisters had when they were all younger. I suppose it's never too late for the sisters to give it a try, right??? {My mom is #7 out of 7 girls.}

I can't imagine having to get that many people to work together to go someplace. No thank you!

Of course we had to visit Pier 39...

We did a bit of walking about & looking at all sorts of things there around the piers....

We went into the San Francisco Music Box Co. store.
In there, we LOVED the Halloween displays! So much so, that I took photos!
{Where am I going to be able to get a manequin come October? I definitely need to recreate the green manequin scene!}

We also went to China-town. I had some guava-flavored-wrapped-in-rice-paper-candy that AMAZING. Lucky for me, I just found it at my local grocery store, so I'm excited about that!
Pics from China-town...

{When or if I am ever blessed with a baby girl, I am going BACK to China-town, and I'm going to buy one of EVERY.SINGLE.STYLE of these little shoes.}

After China-town, we went to some other shopping area. I forget the name of it. Went into the Louis Vuitton store there. I found the bag I want. I want one from their new monogram collection. {Hint, hint, Hubby. My birthday's in June. But, before that---there's always Easter. Remember how I told you that it's a gift-giving-holiday? Yeah, instead of an Easter basket, you can get me one of those bags. I'm just sayin'....Oh, or there's Mother's Day! All KINDS of opportunities.... but I'm way off task here...}

Other random pics during our San Francisco trip...

At the end of that big day, we were exhausted! I had a headache in the early evening that was just awful. Hubby laid down for a rest while I just sat in the shower & let the water run on my head. Finally the latte & Excedrin kicked in, and I was feeling better. We went downstairs at the hotel and had a lovely dinner there, and had a great and entertaining waiter.

The next morning was Sunday, and it was our day to head back home & get back to Gage. We ended up landing at DFW, getting in the car, running through the drive through at JITB, and surprising him at his t-ball practice. It was sooooo hard to see him on the other side of that chain link fence & not hug him!

So, ladies & gents, that marks the END of the California 2012 trip.



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