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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

CA Trip 2012 Part Four: SF Hotel

We got to San Francisco after dark, and we found our hotel.
We were staying at the Hyatt Regency ( I was so excited to have a room with a balcony with a nice view...

My absolute FAVORITE thing about this room:

Hubby, maxing & relaxing in the room....

Okay, so I posted about how excited I was to have a balcony, right?
It was dark when we got out there. Our room overlooked the Bay Bridge. I went to the windows/sliding glass door, and I unlocked it. I damn near threw out my shoulder when I opened that door. Imagine my surprise when I gave it a big huge pull (because, hello! It's a glass door that's big & heavy) and it only opened about 3 inches before it just STOPPED. Ouch.

To illustrate my point, I took this picture (and the following pictures) the next morning...

So much for a freakin' balcony! The views were still amazing, and that's what counts, right?

In the lobby of the hotel...

We stayed on the 16th floor, and we had access to this club level on the 17th or 18th floor. The views from there were AMAZING. Floor to ceiling windows. Sodas, juices, coffee bar, breakfast spread in the morning. In the afternoon---milk & cookies, fruits.... In the evenings, drinks and appetizers. We loved it.

Despite the no balcony, the hotel was nice.
The staff there was very nice and attentive.




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