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Monday, March 19, 2012

CA Trip 2012 Part Three: Our Scenic Drive

So, to get from San Luis Obispo, we drove along the coast.

We stopped so I could walk on the beach in Cayucos.

Hubby didn't really feel like kicking off his shoes & socks, rolling up his pants, and walking on the beach. He sat on a bench & humored me. Such a sweetie.

We refilled with snacks & gas. Hubby was laughing at me, but these types of sodas just aren't common at gas stations/convenience stores in Texas!

After that, it was back on the road to San Francisco!
Pics from our scenic trip...

Watching the sun set...

{Rachel F: Thought about you when we went through Carmel by the Sea because of how much you loved it!}

...and then it was dark...and our path was long & winding. That's when we made the made the jump over to a more direct route to San Francisco.

...oh, and have I mentioned that I get carsick? It's Hubby's favorite thing to search high & low for a convenience store where I can buy salty snacks to keep the nausea at bay. {Note the sarcasm} On this trip, our first stop for sunflower seeds actually landed us at a shady liquor store in LA. Awesome. I almost puked on their floor by the time we finally made it there, but that's okay. I held it in, and the salty snacks seemed to help me along the way. Nevermind the fact that I was puffy & retaining water for the rest of the trip and my kidneys are probably salt-cured now!
{Why didn't I just take dramamine? It knocks me out, and then I would have missed our coastal drive, and Hubby would have been bored by himself!}

Next up: San Francisco!



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