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Sunday, March 18, 2012

CA Trip 2012 Part Two: San Luis Obispo

When Hubby's business dealings were done in Newport Beach, we hit the road to San Luis Obispo.

LA Traffic: Sucks.
I've never been to LA when the traffic isn't super-sucky.
That's about all I have to say about that.

I have no need to see California's wine country. I don't much care for wine. I'm no wine enthusiast. There are only a couple that I really like. I am a fan however of witty wine labels.

Anyhow....vineyards we saw just looked like sticks in the ground.

Maybe things are better in other parts of the state with vineyards, but what I saw in February was not impressive.
I'm just sayin'....

We were on the road to San Luis Obispo. The navigation system we had was a "POS." It ended up taking us through every farm to market path between the freeway and our final destination. It actually wasn't that bad. We saw all kinds of fruit tree orchards, and so much farming. It was quite the agricultural route.

When we met up with one of Hubby's customers there, we headed into the downtown area for lunch. Apparently you can't go there without a trip through Bubblegum Alley. So, I snapped these pics of Hubby and some artwork of Bubblegum Alley...

{What's really funny here: If you know my Hubby, then you know that he is a complete germophobe! Bubblegum alley is about 3 feet wide from side to side. There is chewed up bubblegum from the ground up. Hubby's skin was crawling!!!}

For Katrina:

I didn't snap any pics at lunch, but we ate in a kitchy little place that overlooked a creek. Very green.


Up next on the California trip: Road Trip Up The Coast!



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