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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

CA Trip Part Five: Alcatraz

So, we arrived in San Francisco. Got checked into the hotel room. Room service for dinner {it was soooo yummy!} & then we went to bed. Had to get to sleep early for our early morning tour of Alcatraz.

In the bay, heading over to the island...

Pictures from the Alcatraz Island trip...

The wild birds there were interesting and fun to watch. The flowers were amzaing. The calla lillies were sooooo big, and so beautiful. The history there was so interesting. I can't wait to take Gage there when he's older. It was a very neat place to visit. Glad I don't live there as a prisoner....but neat to visit. Also, I found it very interesting to learn about the families that lived on the island, particularly the children, and how they had these "perfect" little lives. Very neat.

Anyhow...we loved just walking about the island.

Finally, we went on inside the prison buildings, and did an audio tour. It was interesting as well.
Pics from the inside...

It was neat to be on Alcatraz Island, and look across the bay to see San Francisco. I can only imagine what torture that must have been to be so close to civilization and watch the city go on without you while you're locked up there at Alcatraz.

The kitchen area. Check out the knife box.

Apparently they did that so that the guards could tell quickly if any of the knives were missing. Hmmm...

All of the regulations were interesting.
I'm thinking of posting a few regulations here at the Casa de Lainey-Paney.

Hubby & I are both glad we got to visit Alcatraz. It's something we've both always wanted to do, and we got to do it.



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