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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Well, it's no secret that my family likes Halloween. Around here, we all love it!

Life didn't used to be this way...
When Gage was little, he HATED Halloween. He HATED Trick-or-treating.
Now, we all LOVE Halloween!

Hubby loves having pumpkins. Lots of pumpkins.
While he was out of town on a business trip, Gage & I were put in charge of beefing up the outdoor Halloween decor. That was a task we could handle!!!

Clearly, we got Hubby a few pumpkins....

We also hit the costume aisle at Walmart where Gage had fun trying on some scary masks...

We texted those pics to Daddy, trying to startle him! Oh, the fun of little boys.

Ultimately, he decided to be an Army Commando, & nothing all THAT scary. Thank goodness! I'm not sure I'm ready for my baby to transition into scary. I'm just now making peace with all the camo & toy guns everywhere!

We had a neighborhood Halloween Party at the playground, and sadly we almost missed it. Mommy forgot about it, but luckily, Annabeth texted us & we were able to hit the party for about 30 minutes of fun with a few of his friends.
Gage being goofy & having fun at the Halloween gathering...

And then....Monday, Halloween was upon us. After work, and after dinner, our little soldier got dressed & was READY for Halloween!

The Casa de Lainey-Paney for Halloween, and our Halloween Jack-o-Lanterns...

It was a lot of fun. I stayed at home & passed out candy. I missed going about with Gage, so about 2/3 of the way through, Hubby switched places with me, and I got to take Gage around a bit.

Sadly, I didn't snap any pictures of the bats I had flying across the garage & front windows, or the scary graveyard scene that we put together in the front flowerbed. Gage picked out all kinds of creepy fencing, and headstones, and skulls & such. Such boy-type-scary stuff. He LOVES it all.

Can't wait to do it again next year...and next year, I'll take more pictures!

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