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Friday, November 19, 2010

November 12th Red Cup.

And so, what is the "Red Cup" I previously referenced???
Well, it's an event that is apparently going to be EVERY Friday night on our very own Wisteria Lane.
It's not THE Red Cup, or A Red's just...'Red Cup.'
"Where are you going?"
"Red Cup."
"Oh, really? Where?"
...then you fill in the blank for which neighbor is hosting.

Why "Red Cup"?
Because Courtney is AWESOME & introduced us to the concept.
It's umm...well, it's prompted by those Solo Red Cups that are cheap & disposable, and used at every backyard bbq.
The notion is---your red cup can be filled with whatever beverage you like---whether it be an adult beverage or not.
Ahhh....the weekly Red Cup.

Pics from last week's Red Cup...

L to R: Lainey-Paney, Jessica, Courtney, & Lindsey

Annabeth & Jess

Jess, Courtney, & Lindsey

The Daddies... {and a disclaimer prompted by Hubby: No, they are not REALLY like the guys from the "Dad's Life" rap that I posted a while ago...}

The couples present that night (minus Trey & Annabeth, because they left early that evening...):

Josh & Lindsey

James & Jess

Joel & Courtney

Hubby & Lainey-Paney

Now, don't get us all wrong: Red Cup is not JUST for us's a family event. The kids all have a blast!

...and then maybe we play games... like Catch Phrase! {the empty dining room was the PERFECT setting...but sadly, it's going to be filled by Thanksgiving with the new furniture. Well, maybe not 'sad' because they'll be happy when the furniture finally gets here, but our perfect circle space will be gone. :( }

And while we're up playing games, sometimes the kiddos fall asleep!

...which gives Hubby more time to admire himself. And of course we're all just looking on in adoration...

Hubby: Gotta Love Him.

AND---that night, Courtney had a little surprise for us: Red Cup Rings from!
Yes, RINGS made from RED CUPS!

Red Cups: Gotta Love 'Em.

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At 9:50 PM , Blogger Judy said...

My neighbor and I are red cuppers. We use ours in the front yard with the wine bottle stashed under our folding chairs! HAHA

At 12:10 AM , Blogger Marni's Organized Mess said...

You'll have to get the "red cup" markers to go along with it. Was it your blog I saw those on? They are just freaking earrings. Silly.

I am so jealous. I want a red cup event with my friends now.


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