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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Friday Fun.

Well, last Friday, I didn't have any childcare, so I had the day off!
When Memaw wants a day off---she gets it.
She keeps our child during the day when we have work, or internship or school (but now that's over!) and she hardly EVER needs a day off. So, when she asks---she gets it.

So what did Gage & I do?

Well, we had lunch plans with Megan & Susan.
I had to pick up my wedding ring at Eiseman's because it was there getting a new band.

But---what did we do first??
Since I THOUGHT we had time to kill before lunch, we stopped at the old park where Gage used to play in our old neighborhood....

Anyway---after the park, we headed into downtown to meet up with Megan & Susan. We all headed over to Campisi's for lunch. {THANK YOU GALS FOR OUR LUNCH!} And we got to look out of the 45th floor windows of Megan's office. We saw the rooftop of the Kirby where we used to live {Megan lived there first, then I moved in, and that's where I lived when I met Hubby, and that's where she lived when she met her hubby}.
And---you're not going to believe it---but I carried my camera around but didn't snap a single picture! UGH. Baby Matthew is growing, growing, growing in Susan's belly, and he'll BE HERE in less than 2 weeks.

After lunch---over to the jewelry store.
I'd LOVE-LOVE-LOVE to post a picture to accompany this next story, but photography was prohibited in the store.
STORY: Gage was checking out engagement rings for when he marries M some day. Yes, he's shopping already. Let me just say---M is a lucky little girl. I know I'm incredibly biased and think that Gage is awesome & hopefully will be an awesome husband some day, but let me just tell you about this ring. It cost more than a lot of houses, know what I'm sayin'? It was $157-THOUSAND dollars.
The center stone was a 4 carat round brilliant stone, and it had two other big diamonds (one on each side of the center stone). I have no idea what size those were, or even the cut because I was so blinded by the center stone. Again, it was $157-THOUSAND dollars. Gage, you're going to need a bigger piggy-bank so that you can start saving now, buddy.
The saddest part: he really thought that he could pick it out now, go ahead & have ME buy it for M, and he'd just save it until he's a grown up. He was heart broken when we had to leave it at the store.

{Gage, honey, I love you....and M is a sweet girl. But, you're 4. She's 4. You're not buying her a $157,000.00 ring. You don't have the money. I'm not financing that for you, and I hate to even think of those monthly payments. Besides that---she may not be the one, and THE ONE may not want a ring that you really bought for another girl. is a nice ring...}
I can't wait to tell THE ONE this story...someday.

What else did we do on Friday???
Met up with Darnin' who was in Dallas taking Allen to visit Dad.
We shopped...bought her some new dishes and a few things for her upcoming dinner party....

Then we went back to my house & packed up to hit the road to Darnin's.
End of Friday....End of the post.

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At 9:31 PM , Blogger lisa said...

He is too stinking cute! I almost think you should tell M's mom this story because wow what an ego boost. But then again if M isn't the one, won't she probably be a little disappointed years from now when she does get engaged?

At 10:35 AM , Blogger Rikki said...

I am just thinking that ANY girl would like a ring that cost that much money regardless of who it was bought for.....well, maybe not but I am sure she could get over that part....

At 9:17 AM , Blogger Kate said...

Oh, that is the cutest story ever! It will be great to tell THE ONE one day, even if Gage doesn't buy her a $157K ring. =)


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